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Best All-Time Duke Starting Lineups

 Who would be the best teams that you could place on the court from all of the Duke players between 1980-present?  This is a question that a friend asked me that I thought was interesting.  I've put down my thoughts on the subject but would like any feedback or comments.  I've seperated the teams by 1st team and 2nd team.  The idea behind this was to use a PG, SG, SF, PF, and C for each team that would compliment each other and create the most dominate COLLEGE basketball team.  The ratings for the players are based on their performance as a Duke player and not as a professional in the NBA.  My list is as follows:

1st Team:

PG:  Jason Williams 2000-2002

SG:  Johnny Dawkins 1983-1986

SF:  Grant Hill 1991-1994

PF:  Christian Laettner 1989-1992

C:  Elton Brand 1998-1999

2nd Team:

PG:  Bobby Hurley 1990-1993

SG:  J.J. Redick 2003-2006

SF:  Mike Dunleavy 2000-2002

PF:  Shane Battier 1998-2001

C:  Danny Ferry 1986-1989

A funny question for these two teams is which one would win in a matchup?  Their both built with great Duke players but how would their chemistry be?  I really had a hard time with picking Dawkins over Redick but it came down to defense and athleticism.  The SF position for the second team was hard also.  I went with Dunleavy because he had a great scoring mentality along with his height and length.



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